Bishop Sutton 0 Warminster Town 1

Looking for back-to-back wins, Warminster Town made the Tuesday evening trip to Lakeview, the home of Bishop Sutton AFC. 

From the outset, this was going to be a tight game, but the better chances in the first half fell to the home side. Warminster’s goalkeeper, Sam Thomson, had to make several saves, one of which was outstanding by using his right leg to prevent the ball from squeezing inside his right post. Warminster also pressed, and the match’s only goal came in the 35th minute. Chevelleau’s corner from the left, directed to near post towards Vincent, was deflected by The Bishops number 8, Sam Hill, into his own goal. It was difficult as a spectator to tell who got the final touch, but at halftime, the referee confirmed the own goal.

The second half continued to be a battle between two sides striving for a win, and with a heavy downpour in the first half, the surface of the pitch was tricky to play, causing a few hairy moments when players slipped. 

Thomson had to pull off another fine save to keep the clean sheet, the fourth in a row. At the other end of the pitch, a free kick from Mortimer-Taylor found the head of Graham at the far post and his downward header was saved by Oakes in goal for the home side. 

The game’s final moments were marred when Royal, wearing number 7 for The Bishops, slid two-footed into substitute Cassidy. The referee issued a  straight red card for the offence. After the final whistle, the home side was unhappy and surrounded the referee, making comments, resulting in another red card for substitute number 15, Billy Taylor. 

Overall, a decent away win for Warminster Town, and another confidence booster as the new players fit into the squad. 

Team: Thomson, Dymond-Hall, Graham, Bazley, Rodgers, Mudrak, Mortimer-Taylor, Vincent(c), Chevelleau(s), Wyatt(s)

Subs (used) Cassidy, Gardner

(unused) Chandler, De Silva, Jeffery

Reporter: Roland Millward

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