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Warminster Town Ladies – League Champions

Congratulations to Warminster Town Ladies who on the first day of May sealed the league title.

The Ladies Team has been a credit to Warminster and have won promotion at the first attempt from the South West Regional Football League.

It’s All About People – Volunteers

Warminster Town Football Club has a long history. Founded in 1878 it is one of the oldest clubs in the area. It has been founded and maintained by an army of volunteers, many of whom have long been forgotten. Today, and in recent times the club has been kept going by many willing helpers and we should all be truly grateful for their work.

Over the past few months there have been changes, we have welcomed a new chairman, David Parry. Thanks must go to Pete Russell, who gave much to keep the club alive and prosper in his role as chairman. 

A list of current roles is on our website and over time any changes will be updated. One thing is sure, there will always be a need for volunteers. Without them, there will not be a football club. 

David Parry, in his role as chairman is looking to build on the community aspect of the club that Pete had done sterling work on. There are many locals who can make use of the clubhouse for private events, charity raising and more. Recent events have produced some amazing results. David says, “I want the Club to win on the field, win off the field, the right way, for us to be proud of our Club and to be proud to be part of the Warminster community”. 

Steve Spratt has taken on the role of secretary, as well as attending to many other duties as necessary. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes and like any organisation there is a pile of paperwork (even if electronic) that needs to be dealt with on a weekly basis. 

Katrina Ellis is busy working as our treasurer and what a job that is! Keeping the finances under control is certainly a time consuming job that requires attention to detail. Katrina is doing an excellent job.

There are many who help, from Steve on the gate, Tony making announcements over the PA, the team manning the bar, the tea hut, the cleaners and maintenance, the list goes on. All of them unsung heroes at the club. 

It would be wonderful to have even more join our band of volunteers to help the club win both on and off the field. There are many roles and you may have some ideas to add even more. One role we should have fulfilled is a club historian. It would be good to collate records from the past and write about what is happening today to keep safe for future generations. Can you help?

To help out at the club please contact Steve Spratt our secretary by email or ask to see him on match day. [email protected] 

Covid19 Hits the Town

Warminster Town’s matches against Wells City and AEK Boco have had to be postponed due to Covid in the Warminster team. The Wells City match has already been rearranged for Tuesday, November 2nd. Kickoff 7.30 pm.



At the same time as our political leaders were telling us that we need to learn to live with the virus, the Football Association was setting out their guidance on how we would be able to play football whilst Covid was still with us. Taking a lead from the Governments move into Step 4 on July 19th, the FA’s National League System Club guidance echoed the news that there were no longer any limitations on the number of people who can meet, and the one-meter rule was now a thing of the past. However, like the rest of society, the footballing public was urged to move ahead with caution. Face coverings are no longer required but advised and whilst changing rooms can be used, Clubs are urged to avoid “participants being in a crowded area for a prolonged time”.

But as society opens and schools and universities return, what can non-league football hope to achieve to keep its participants safe, when there is so much potential for work and leisure activities to spread the virus and jeopardise fixtures?

“The evidence is very clear that outdoor spaces are safer than indoors,” Prof Chris Whitty, the UK’s chief medical officer has consistently advised. “From the data we have looked at, and the work that has been done on back to play protocols, the risk of playing outdoor sport is extraordinarily low,” said Professor Mike Weed of Canterbury Christ Church University, in March this year. So it’s reasonable to conclude that watching football outside and playing football outside are both relatively safe things to do.

The critical challenge faced by the non-league game, in terms of virus transmission, remains the indoor settings, the clubhouses and the changing rooms. In terms of spectators, clubhouses are no more dangerous than your local pub. However, a study by the University of Portsmouth showing that non-regular pub-goers ‘might never return after lockdown easing’, suggests that clubhouses might not hold the same appeal, post-pandemic, as they once did.

Attendances at non-league games show that spectators are prepared to take their chances, but what about the risks posed to players, coaches and match officials? In many respects these are the groups that can bear the greatest risk, because of their age and good health, but they are also the groups currently working their way through the vaccination system, with many yet to have their second dose. Clubs can play a crucial role in demonstrating good practise, in the same way that workplaces are being closely scrutinised in how they safeguard their employees and customers.

The FA’s guidance wants Clubs to promote the use of masks in crowded indoor settings, as well as suggesting the implementation of a testing policy for players and staff, 48 hours prior to any fixture. A study undertaken by Cognisant Research with 13 Western League players around Christmas 2021, highlighted the importance of the managers role in players matchday routines and whilst Club Chairman and Covid Officers can have important parts to play, it’s essential for all three to be working together to reinforce the importance in adhering to matchday Covid protocols, designed to keep players safe. 

Football is no different to any other aspect of society in that spectators and participants demonstrate a spectrum of different attitudes towards Covid, from genuine concern about the impact of the virus to a belief that it simply nothing to worry about. That is why it’s important influencers like Club Officials, coaches and senior players to be proactive in ensuring that everyone in the game is behaving responsibly. One of the key challenges identified by the Cognisant study was the contradictory nature of some of the Governments Covid advice. The idea that you can mark a player at a corner, but not share a car with them after the game, or limit who goes into a changing room, only to share a crowded bar or nightclub with the very same teammates. 

That is why it’s important to remember that someone else is making these rules and the FA and the Clubs are doing their best to enforce them. Clubs looking to maintain Covid protocols should facilitate an open discussion on the measures they wish to maintain, allowing players to discuss what they consider to be reasonable and providing them with an opportunity to buy-in to a common approach, even if they may have personal reservations concerning their validity.

The future of the 2021/22 football season still hangs in the balance, with concerns about a winter surge, not to mention any fixture disruption caused by the British weather. We can all do our bit to help minimise the spread of the virus and football is no different. Spectators, coaches and players all have a part to play in keeping our beautiful going each week, this is a challenge that unites us all, but we will only succeed if we work together.





This article has been supplied by The Toolstation League

Away Days Coach

AWAY DAYS!For the weekend trips to Farnham for the mens FA Vase Qualifier and to Caversham for the Ladies Team and their FA Cup qualifier – September 11th and 12th the club would like to run a coach.

Also for Bishops Lydeard on Saturday September 18th.Tickets £10 return per match.

To book you seat, please email [email protected] OR call 07906 218390 on Tuesday evening between 6pm and 9pm OR pick up a form on Wednesday September 1st in the clubhouse during the evening match, complete and hand in at the time.So much choice!

Luca – The Official Team Mascot!

Without a doubt, Luca is the best team mascot in the world!

He leads the team out, greets the officials and visiting players and does a great job for Warminster Town Football Club. Luca is a great example at a young age, of the power of the volunteers at Warminster Town Football Club. 

Changes at Warminster Town

Warminster Town FC Chairman, Pete Russell has decided to step down after guiding the club for 12 years. The new Chairman, David Parry, as does everyone at the club, thanks Pete for all the years of hard work and commitment Pete has put into the club for many years.

With David becoming Chairman will mean his previous role as Club Secretary will now need to be fulfilled. 

Vice-Chairman, Paul Whatley has also decided it’s time for him to step down, along with Club Treasurer, Shirley Moriarty. A full list of roles and committee members is available on our Club Structure page. Once again the club thanks Paul and Shirley for their sterling work.

Latest News – League Changes

Warminster town stay in division 1 after shake-up

On Tuesday, May 18th, the Football Association announced the long-awaited changes to the leagues in lower league football. Warminster Town remains in Division 1 of the Toolstation Western League. It had been rumoured that the team would be transferred into the Wessex League.

For full league details, please click here. Clubs have one week to write to the FA to appeal any decisions, so there may be some changes.