Football is Back!

Modern-day football is evolving all the time and it’s wonderful to see the innovative ways clubs are using every available avenue to make the most of promoting their club and importantly providing regular income streams to keep things ticking over.

With the impact of the last few months being felt on near enough every non-league club up and down the country it can’t be under-estimated how much fans were needed back into Step 3-7 clubs and ultimately despite the government deeming National League clubs as elite these clubs need income streams as much as anyone else.

The success of the #LetFansIn campaign is not just about simple income streams and club cashflow, this goes a lot deeper than this. When football was cut off in March as the country went into lockdown, for some this removal of contact was a complete break with the outside world.

Not every club is fortunate to have a huge band of volunteers who tirelessly keep all these clubs running year in, year out. And that extends from not just work be done around the club, but now into the realm that is social media.

The emergence of being able to have information at your fingertips 24/7 is evolving all the time and now you can keep up to date with your non-league clubs just as well as you can supporting a Premier League team. And not only that there are new ways developing all the time.

Last season being involved at a Step 5 club saw the introduction of a company called Your Instant Replay filming the games and with it the highlights going on the club’s created YouTube channel the next morning after a game, another tool that’s becoming more and more common. Live streaming for some has been a blessing before supporters were allowed back in a few weeks ago. Of course, this is not a new thing that’s just sprung up but certainly becoming a big tool to use whether it’s done by the club themselves or an outside company.

Twitter and Facebook provide the day to day trimmings while the videos and live streams are now the main course, and with some supporters not feeling safe enough to return to watch a game just yet these up and coming avenues will be a huge lifeline to them that they can still keep in contact with what’s going on at their club.

There are lot of people out there who live for their football, it consumes their life and they crave that Saturday afternoon or midweek evening under the lights. Plenty of them will relate to it being their release from everyday life and the one thing to look forward to from one week to the next, the strain on people’s mental health and mindset’s will have taken a huge battering, difficult for those with no interest in sport to comprehend how this works but it does for a lot of people.

Sensible and safe returns to games has been well thought out now it’s in place and having myself attended two games in two days at the same ground found it to be without issue, but still some apprehension around if you should move away when some people forget how to social distance.

Hopefully the season moves along with as little disruption as possible but it is likely to not be as smooth as everyone would like, but after so long without the one thing you want to be able to see, watching at any point this season is going to be a wonderful thing.


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