Football is Set to Return

The Government and the Football Association have given the green light for non-league football to return.

Pre-season matches can commence in August and the football season to officially start in September. An actual start date is awaited.

Clubs will have to follow COVID-19 rules and take part in the track and trace system, which means supporters and others will have to leave contact details upon arrival at the ground.

It will no doubt take time to get used to the ‘new normal’, and when football resumes allowing extra time for the measures to become as streamlined as possible.

How do you feel about returning to football after such a long period away and that COVID-19 is still present?

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  1. I think football at our level needs to be very wary of a return without fans. Although the FA have said they recognise that we can’t play behind closed doors, that’s exactly what they’ve asked us to do until at least September, unless Government guidance changes dramatically. With Boris saying fans can’t return to stadiums until October, we currently have the possibility of playing the first month of League fixtures without fans and I’m not sure footballs finances can cope with this. We might be able to cope with a few preseason frendlies without fans, but two months with gate receipts is pushing it. If we play then Clubs need to cover matchday expenses, including Match Officials fees and without the income of gate receipts and the bar, I can’t see how this will work. Fans might be frustrated, but we have to think about the bigger picture.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Ian. It’s sadly the case that higher powers just don’t seem to understand what life is like in nonleague football.

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