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1978 Centenary Celebrations: Back row l-r Mike Lewis (committee), Nigel McGarry, Pete Wicks, Graham Beech, Peter Moody, Kevin Lapham, Richie Morgan. Front l-r Steve Crossman, Noel Moody, Micky Marlow and the late Tony Mortimer. Photo provided by Nigel McGarry
Think this one was pre season friendly 1979/80 season v Southampton youth team. Back l--r Graeme Reed, Steve Crossman, Graham Walker. 2nd row l-r Andy Stewart, Nigel McGarry, Brian House, Kevin Lapham, Kalem Seconds, Malcolm Maunder. 3rd row l-r Micky Marlow, Richie Morgan, Noel Moody, Dave Stanley, Front row l-r Paul Smith, Steve Drew. Amongst Saints players are Rueben Agboola, David Puckett and Chris McMenemy, Lawrie's son Photo provided by Nigel McGarry
Warminster Town FC Reserves 1987
Reserves 1987 - Can anyone fill in the missing names? back row Alan Self , Roy ,Mick Brown , Goalkeeper , ? ,Steve Geddes ?, Tony Jones , Richard? Front row Matt Haine , Pete Smart ? ,? Photo provided by Tony Jones
Here is a pic of the warminster town u18 futsal team who not only won the county tournament and the regional tournament but went on the become the fa narional futsal youth champions 2018. Beating the best teams from around the UK - Photo provided by Tom Willoughby
Warminster Town 1989 Youth League Winners - photo provided by Tim Cloherty
2016/17 Chantry Digital Knockout Cup Winners (Reserves) photoo provided by Beau Blakeman