Wincanton Town 1 Warminster Town 2

A Hard Fought Victory 

It’s not often that Warminster Town has an evening Western League match but on Tuesday, September 8th they travelled to Wincanton. The Moor Lane ground has always proved to be a tough place to play at, and it has not been a fruitful ground for several seasons. On this occasion, Wincanton Town nicknamed The  Wasps was the side to be stung. It was a match well worth watching and a 2-1 win for Warminster. 

From the kickoff, it was evident that Wincanton are a very good side and the visitors had to endure wave upon wave of attacks as the Wasps swarmed all over the pitch. Warminster though battled, and every time they got the ball, looked dangerous on the attack. An early breakthrough came in the 8th minute when Wain ran down the left, crossed to Butler at the centre around 25 yards out, he slipped the ball out to Miluk on the right. Miluk ran onto the ball, driving forwards into the penalty and fired home across goal into the left side of the net. First sting on the wasps! 

There were other chances too for Warminster, which was encouraging throughout the game. The equaliser came from a corner in the 23rd minute. 6′ 7″ Matt Garner didn’t need to use his height and scored with his feet from the left, rifling the ball home across into the right of the goal. The Warminster defenders would be a little disappointed to have conceded. 

Hotine in goal for Warminster also had to pull off several good saves in this half. Sadly at the end of the half, Mortimer-Taylor had to be substituted for Lisowski, having pulled his hamstring exactly as he did at Wincanton last season. 

The second-half saw Wincanton resume their intense style of play, but Warminster remained resolute and causing problems for the Wasps. Warminster was awarded a penalty in the 83rd minute. Captain, Ian Jeffery took it, scored, despite serious mind games by the goalie and other players, and then the referee asked it to be retaken due to encroachment. Jeffery, not put off by this made sure a second time placing the ball in the left of the goal and the keeper going in the opposite direction.

Warminster weathered the home team’s response and proved to be worthy winners 1-2.

Team: Hotine, Sisson, Barnes, Jeffery, De Silva, Churchyard, Miluk, Butler, Allen*, Wain, Mortimer-Taylor*

Subs: Lisowski*, Johnson*, Seviour, Bartley, Mandson

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